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Two amazing opportunities. One inspiring event.

The Hackathon:

Get a team. Get cracking. Show the world.

An inspiring 2 days is all that stands between you and bringing your best ideas and products to life. Code and collaboration are the name of the game, and in 48 hours we'll run you through our gauntlet of judges and industry experts to see if your project stacks up. The best projects will be showcased to a captive audience of the brightest minds in the Hub, getting you the shine and resources you need to start up, well, a startup.

Participate in three categories:

The Expo:

Watch and learn from the best. They're here in Boston.

If you're the watcher-type, our classrooms and workshops are rife with knowledge and talent and are ready for your attendance. Programming, tech, and the startup world at large are just some of the classes we'll be offering, and you'll be rubbing elbows with the thought-leaders and leaders of the tech sector. No excuses now.

Event Schedule


We'll provide you and your team with all you need to keep going through the weekend, including:

  • Wifi and Wired Internet Access
  • A fantastic community and collaborative atmosphere to get the job done 24/7
  • As much coffee as you and your cohorts can possibly stand
  • Encouragement and goodies from our platoon of killer sponsors + judges

If you don't have double vision by the end of this you're doing it wrong.


You'll get exclusive chances to pick investor's brains and attend inspiring talks on topics like:

  • Building Your Company's Culture
  • Correct Engineering vs Startup Engineering
  • Things you should know before you raise money
  • Capacity and Scaling
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Get your company's name in front of hundreds of talented desigers, developers, and innovators who choose to use products and services like yours every single day and get great name recognition.


Get up close and personal with talent, give live demonstrations of your product, or take an amazing opportunity to showcase your expertise to our talented community of hackers and participants.

Speakers & Volunteers:

Share your knowledge, promote discussion on the topics you care about most, and network with hundreds of bright minds like yours — all for the low price of absolutely free, as a thanks for your time.

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We're thankful for the support of these amazing companies:


And our talented panel of judges:

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Just in case you missed it earlier, that's


Seriously, we just gave you a plethora of compelling reasons to get in on this action. How have you not snagged your ticket yet?

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